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About Us

Precious Montessori consult is a consultancy firm that provides unique services for Early Childhood Education using the Montessori curriculum. Our services span from providing excellent, detailed and practical based professional and in-service training for teachers, caregivers, heads of schools, guardians and anyone who work directly or indirectly with children in the Early years, to providing institutions and individuals with services such as curriculum development, school support, sale of teaching and learning materials, and General Montessori consulting.

Our detailed prepared materials make it easy for any participant to clearly understand the different Modules designed for our training programs. We provide the best support for our clients to ensure that they stand out uniquely among other competitors.

Our focus is The Chid, and it is our aim to see each child develop fully through the early years of his life and come out independent.

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Our Mission

The mission is to give teachers, caregivers, parents and schools the opportunity to receive training to enable them educate the child between the ages of birth to 6years by considering the emotional, social and intellectual development of the child in a safe and well prepared environment.

Our Vision

Our clients are trained to achieve this objective by:

  • 1. Providing a safe and well prepared environment for the child
  • 2. Encouraging and promoting independence in the child
  • 3. Encouraging freedom of movement within the classroom
  • 4. Providing specialized educational and learning materials
  • 5. Recognizing and accepting the unique qualities and personalities of each individual
  • 6. Ensuring learning through the senses